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I’m a journalist-turned-comms professional and recent DC transplant. After years of day dreaming about moving back to the city where Shannon and I first met during a summer internship program, I decided to make it a reality. I left New York to be closer to friends and family in DC and haven’t looked back since.

Adventurous eater, enthusiastic procrastinator and lover of bagels.

Send me a (nice/funny/bizarre) email at carrie@youmedc.com!

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After years of different blogs, both personal and private, successful and not, I’m so glad to be here on You, Me & DC with Carrie. I’m your typical 25 year old graduate student, pretending like I know what’s going on and drinking entirely too many Starbucks Refreshers (seriously I have a problem).

Avid traveler, voracious reader and professional puppy-video watcher.

If you find yourself with questions or comments about anything and want to reach me, shoot me an email at shannon@youmedc.com!

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