Every True Crime Podcast You Could Ever Want

It’s been a minute since I talked about my love of podcasts. A while back (when the blog was a newborn), I shared my top podcast suggestions. I’ve realized over the past couple weeks that literally all I listen to is true crime and politics. Seriously. The only podcast I actively listen to that doesn’t fall into one of those categories is Ask Me Another by NPR (the quizzes…they get me), More Perfect and a Bachelor recap pod (embarrassing…yikes…). But more often than not I find myself searching for some new true crime podcasts to fill my time. That is exactly why I want to do another post and share with you the highs, the lows and the everything in between!

All titles are linked!


The true crime pod that started it all. Season one is amazing. Season two is trash. I listened years ago and still can’t decide if I’m team Adnan or not.

My Favorite Murder

SERIOUSLY. Trust me on this one. Georgia and Karen will become your BFFs. Start at the beginning and binge. You’ll thank me later, I promise.

Cold Case Files

Brought to you by the A&E show by the same name. These episodes range from 30-50 minutes and are about cases that have gone cold. But all of them have a satisfying ending! Best of both worlds.

Someone Knows Something

First things first… the host’s voice is amazing. There are two seasons (with a third on the way) and each of them take a cold case from Canada. He’s an investigative journalist so he digs into cases that have gone cold and tries to find answers.


If you know anything about true crime podcasts, you know about Serial. Or you’ve at least heard whispers from your podcast friends about the case of Adnan and his murdered girlfriend Hae. Well if you haven’t listened to it, I highly recommend it. It’s a really long series and goes into so much detail (and there are follow on podcasts too!).


Amazingly produced and wonderfully researched. Every time I listen to an episode I find myself telling people about what I learned. It’s not a true crime podcast like the rest of these podcasts are; it covers crime more generally. One of my favorite episodes is about identity theft and it is so interesting. The episodes are also pretty short so they’re great if you just need a mental break!

Serial Killers

Easily the most obvious of the podcasts- this is literally a podcast all about serial killers. The hosts’ voice took a bit of getting used to but it becomes super soothing once you’re used to it. The unique thing about this podcast is they talk a bit more about what makes a serial killer different from the rest of us.


This is the one podcast that I’m really really hoping comes back. It was a limited series about the Boston Strangler. Each episode goes into super detail about each different victim of the Strangler. It is incredibly well researched and I learned so much.

And That’s Why We Drink

This is a recent addition but I have been so hooked. I listen while I run and while I’m at work. Christine and Em remind me of Georgia and Karen but they’re my age (or just about) so I feel like I’m their friend (which I would kill to be…). It’s a true crime/paranormal podcast with each of them doing one story per episode. It’s also definitely a bit of a comedy podcast so go have fun.

All Killa, No Filla

I truthfully might come back to this one when I’ve hit another slump in podcasting but the audio wasn’t great on this one. It was often times really quiet which was awful for listening on the metro. It’s another duo like My Favorite Murder and And That’s Why We Drink so I would suggest giving this one a shot because maybe the audio won’t bother you like it bothers me.


The podcast that swept the true crime world. Sort of. Done by the same folks who brought us Serial, we all had high hopes for this. I binged it (as one does…) and walked away feeling sort of sad and empty. The story doesn’t have a resolution (spoiler) and that really got me down.

Mansion Murders

This short series profiles the murder that happened in DC in 2015 of a wealthy family that has left a lot of questions. The trial is set to start next September but this podcast is a great opener to the case. It’s incredibly well researched and wonderfully recorded…I just wish there was more to it.

Deadly Manners

This series is a scripted series with a lot of really famous actors (Dennis O’Hare, Kristen Bell, etc.) that chronicles a murder mystery. My only real issue is that I wish it came out all at once. This clearly won’t be an issue if you’re listening when everything is out but the story itself is really good. I need to know how it ends!

Up and Vanished

I reallllllly wanted to like this one. And truthfully I did at the beginning. What lost me was all of the different types of episodes that started to come out. There were Q & A episodes, extra information episodes and the general episodes…I was so lost.

Sword and Scale

So I only listened to a few episodes before I realized that the host of this is a total skeez. There is a whole Reddit thread dedicated to how awful he is. Seriously…the episodes at the beginning are really good but eventually it gets victim blame-y. He also includes 911 calls, which some people are really in to but sometimes they’re a bit much for me.

Dirty John

This was a big hit when it first came out and all of my murderino friends have told me this is a must listen. It’s been on my list and I neeeeeed to finally pick it back up again.


Organized. Crime. In Rhode Island.


Investigate why a 10 year old boy ended up being hung from a tree in his front yard…sounds gruesome but also you KNOW you are curious.


I tried an episode or two a few months ago and just couldn’t get into it. It has amazing reviews and I seriously don’t know anyone who hasn’t liked it so I need to give it another shot.


This is a scripted series that includes David Schwimmer!!! About conspiracy killers!!

Generation Why

Recommended by the hosts of My Favorite Murder so seriously what are you waiting for? True crime, conspiracies and other mysteries await!

The Fall Line

Another MFM recommendation that covers marginalized towns in Georgia. One case is covered per season so resembles investigative journalism.


From the producers of Up & Vanished comes a true crime podcast with a legal spin on it. “Untold stories and hard truths about the criminal justice system”– even that gives me chills!

Atlanta Monster

A friend of mine suggested this and told me the story is absolutely enthralling. Yet another investigative journalism pod, but I can’t get enough of these anyway.


If I find one that sounds potentially interesting, I download an episode just in case. A vast majority of my phone’s memory is taken up by podcasts and I’m not mad about it. I have specific ones I listen to at the gym, ones I listen to at work, ones I listen to while I’m commuting and then some I listen to when I clean the house. If you have one I need to add to my list– PLEASE let me know via comment, email or Instagram DM!



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