Cherry Blossom Beer & Wine Festival

If you’ve never been to DC in the spring, you’re missing out. The weather is great, there are so many amazing things to do outside and you can walk everywhere. Three of our favorite things. If you find yourself in DC in early April with nothing to do, first of all…you’re doing something wrong. Second of all, we have so many great suggestions. Let’s start with something for our wine and beer lovers: The Cherry Blossom Beer & Wine Festival.

Over two days, you’ll have the chance to indulge in over 100 flavors of your favorite beers, wines and ciders. Want to know the best part? It’s unlimited. That’s right….unlimited tastings of beer, wine and ciders AND unlimited full pours of beers, wines and wine spritzers. There is live music all day and you can try your hand at your favorite lawn games.

Shannon went two years ago with a few friends and we had a blast. There are two time slots (1-4 & 6-9) so you can time it as a midday drink or a pregame. We went from the 6-9 pm time slot and easily could have spent all day there. When you get hungry, there are a handful of food trucks to fill all of your drunk food desires. It’s where we discovered that DC has not only a grilled cheese food truck but also a lobster roll truck…the more you know, amiright?

There are two types of tickets: General Admission and Wine Lovers.

  • General Admission tickets give you the unlimited tasting and full pours, live music and lawn games that we mentioned above. Tickets start at $49.99.
  • Wine Lovers give you all of that plus four bottles of your favorite spring time wines.

This year’s event is April 7 and 8, otherwise known as Carrie’s birthday weekend. You can find us there so let us know if you’re planning on going!

You can buy your tickets on the Eventbrite or find more details on their Facebook page!

This post is not sponsored and contains only the thoughts of Shannon and Carrie. We just hope you have fun!



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