You, Me & DC Book Club: February Edition

February brings hearts, roses and an incredible mix of reads. What’d you pick up this month?


First book on the ‘Shannon reads a lot of thrillers’ list. When you come from a small town and you work so hard to get out…what happens when you go back? WELL. When you go back to crack down on some large environmental contaminant AND expose some nasssttty secrets… it’s the perfect storm. I read this book in 48 hours because I just couldn’t stop flipping through the pages. The ending is SO good.

The Underground Railroad

This was on my to read list since I read that it was one of Obama’s favorites. I was told it had a slow start so I think that sort of…freaked myself out. It was on my hold list from the library for SO long and when I finally got it, three weeks came and went. And I didn’t read it. I hopped back on the hold list and pushed through to read it. I am so so so glad I did. The story, while the ending left me feeling unsatisfied, was so moving. I’ve read a handful of books about the underground railroad before, but this one takes the cake.

Under the Harrow

This was my first audiobook experience and I am officially a convert. This book is about a woman who arrives to her sister’s house to find her murdered. It is like a nonstop mystery that I was racing to figure out. The ending was completely unexpected and I am so glad I downloaded this!

The Alice Network

I don’t remember exactly why I put this on my hold list, but when it came up I was really excited about it. The story talks about The Alice Network– a network of female spies in WWI and WWII through the life of two women who meet in 1943. There are several little mysteries that are intertwined throughout and you will seriously not be disappointed.

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