You, Me & DC Book Club: December & January Edition

If you were questioning just how busy we were the month of December, this post will perfectly explain. We read one book. One book. We’re just as shocked as you are. Hence why we skipped publishing a book club for that month and combined our January reads. We didn’t want to short change you!

The Light We Lost

One book at 328 pages for the whole month of December but it was a good one. It’s a touching love story about a missed connection, choices you make in life and how your decisions may or may not haunt you as you grow up. It’s a really quick read and I highly suggest it.

Brave New World

I routinely try and pick up classics to make sure I’m not just reading trashy thrillers. Brave New World was one that seemingly everyone I know read in high school, but my AP English class skipped over it for one reason or another. I absolutely adore dystopian novels so I expected to like this but I spent most of the book confused, annoyed and uninterested. It got better as I went along but it took me several weeks to finish this because I just wasn’t excited to read it.

The Woman in Cabin 10

Unlike Brave New World, I finished this book in less than 6 hours. I picked it up on a trip to our new local library (Georgetown Public Library, you are a dream). The moment we got home I started reading it and blew through it. The main character, Lo, is a travel journalist and she is on a luxury cruise liner for its maiden voyage…which naturally turns into a “holy crap someone was murdered on board but that person doesn’t exist on the passenger list so nobody believes me” thrill ride. Pick it up. It’s worth it.

A Wrinkle In Time

So I picked this up because the movie coming out soon. I am pretty confident I never read it when I was growing up. All I have to say is some books should not be revisited as an adult. This book was hard to read because of how quick the story line moved and how juvenile the writing was. That being said…it is a great girl power novel that I will certainly make every child I know read.

The Breakdown

Yet another quick read. I couldn’t put this one down either. The story is about the main character witnessing a woman who she later finds out had been murdered. She starts to feel disoriented, scared that the murderer is coming for her and like she is losing her mind (like actually….). There is an incredible twist at the end and y’all….this is way better than B.A. Paris’ other book.

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