An Afternoon in Charlottesville, VA

If you know anything about the Charlottesville area, you probably know two things. It’s hard to escape the news, so chances are you know it’s where the white supremacist rally took place. It’s also home to dozens of vineyards. So let’s pretend you find yourself in Charlottesville for a day and you’re looking for something to do. But there are so many options you just don’t know where to go. May we make a suggestion or two? Beer, wine or other…we’ve got a perfect afternoon for you!

Pippin Hill

Pippin Hill sits right outside Charlottesville on easily one of the most beautiful pieces of land we have ever seen. If you’re interested in a tasting, head inside to one of their many bars. You’ll select from two tasting menus and you’re off. We went on a Saturday and it was pretty packed, but once you get our spot at the bar, you should have some personalized attention. The wines were all incredible. And I say that as a very casual wine drinker. I even liked the red wine, which is totally unheard of for me. They have a great sparkling rosé, which was probably my favorite.

Once you’re done with your tasting, buy a bottle or two, and head out onto the lawn. It overlooks their vines and is seriously so relaxing. They serve snacks and full blown meals here too, so you can truly stay all day.

Carter Mountain Orchard

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, we have just the place. Heaven exists and it is at Carter Mountain Orchard. Everyone’s favorite things about fall (am I projecting?) can be found here. Hard Cider, Wine, Apple Cider Donuts, Pumpkins, Apples and seriously gorgeous views.

Bold Rock, the hard cider, is “crushed and crafted” in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Carter Mountain Orchard is one of their apple suppliers! They have a cellar with all the Bold Rock you could dream of. There were four of us, so we got two of each tasting menu (which at the time came with five ciders) and shared. It was the day I found out that I actually truly love hard cider. To top it all off, you can buy hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch and fresh, hot apple cider donuts for dessert.

Since we went on a Saturday and this place a more family friendly than a vineyard (there were seriously kids everywhere), it was busier than Pippin Hill. But once you get a table, or if you bring a blanket, you’re seriously set for the day.

Have a different favorite vineyard or cidery? Let us know! We’re always looking for more to explore!

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