Going Out Guide: Adams Morgan

If you know anything about going out culture in DC, you know about Adams Morgan. Sometimes its even lovingly referred to as AdMo. This Going Out Guide will be a touch more extensive because Adams Morgan goes hard when it comes to bars and clubs. We don’t want to leave anything out. As always, many thanks to best friend of the blog, Jackie for her extensive wisdom and advice.

AdMo is typically full of drunken college students but “if you’re down to dance, get tipsy, and prepare for children eating pizza on the street, it’s a good time” (seriously this is a direct quote from Jackie). If you’re looking to get crazy and hang out with the college crowd, you’ve found your place.

For a “more chill” evening

Roofers Union (2446 18 St NW)

If you love rooftop bars and beer, this is your place. The rooftop is incredibly relaxed and has a bar that specializes in unique beers. What more could you ask for!?

Bar Charley (1825 18 St NW)

While a little far away from the heart of AdMo, you’ll find a wonderful relaxed tiki bar with not-too-expensive fancy drinks. Jackie recommends the Tattooine Dream (“it literally tastes like a tropical vacation). Plus they have small plates with delicious foods like tacos, calamari and Korean BBQ

Jack Rose Dining Saloon (2007 18 St NW)

Seriously, you need to check this place out. The front of the saloon is a whiskey bar and the back is a speakeasy. The catch is that you do need to text Dram & Grain (the speakeasy) for a reservation on the weekend but where else are you going to find 2600 bottles of whiskey? No where. Don’t even question it.

Town Tavern (2323 18 St NW)

Every Potterhead spent the month of October geeking out over Town Tavern because they have transformed into a fully themed Harry Potter bar (for a limited time only unfortunately). It has a basement and an upstairs dance floor that is great for getting your groove on. If not, the basement offers a great place to watch the next big game and eat good pub fare.

For a ‘a less chill, more eating Jumbo Slice at 3AM, regretting everything the next morning’ evening

Brass Monkey (2317 18 St NW)

Five floors, each with its own distinct vibe.  For example, one night the bottom floor could be playing Top 40 hits, another level could be playing 2000s rap and another one could be dropping the best dance music you’ve ever heard. If you’re the type of person who likes to wander when you’re drunk…this place is probably heaven for you.

Dan’s Cafe (2315 18 St NW)

Welcome to the ultimate dive bar. Seriously…it doesn’t even have a sign indicating it exists (or a website for that matter). When you order your drink, it comes in a bottle they’d serve ketchup in a diner in. Super unique, right? They’ll give you a few shot glasses and you can pour your own (perfect for those who are a little heavy handed).

Madam’s Organ (2461 18 St NW)

Word to the wise: Madam’s Organ has a cover. By a matter of principle we avoid bars with covers (#poormillenial) so this place isn’t exactly our go to. It’s jampacked all the time. The basement is a live blues bar, the top floor is A LOT of dance music and they have a “balcony” thats the size of a NYC fire escape. Also some how they’ve tossed in a tiki bar. Proceed with caution.

Grand Central (2447 18 St NW)

Do you want to relive being 21? Want to watch Spiderman on a TV while some guy hits on you and Nelly is blasting through the speakers? Want to dance? This is your place, but be warned. There are youths and straight men everywhere.

Shenanigans (2450 18 St NW)

AdMo truly never ends. They have a two hour $10 open bar and it will get the job done if you just graduated college and are looking to relive the magic. It is ssssssuuuuper fratty. So our advice? Go once. Never return.

Club Heaven and Hell (2327 18 St NW)

Here’s your go-to AdMo club. They have an incredibly large dance floor, theme nights and live music. Sound like your jam? Perfect. If you see us here…something horrible has happened to one of us and suddenly we’re “club people” (catch us down at Roofer’s Union when you’ve had your fill!).

Drunk Eats

Amsterdam Falafel (2425 18 St NW)

Apparently they have best falafel in DC which we all know is a great option when it comes to drunk eats. However… it is always crowded.

Jumbo Slice (2341 18 St NW)

The 18th St NW location is home to the OG Jumbo Slice. All you have to do is navigate past the drunk college youth and you’ll find pizza that is the size of a small child. It may taste like cardboard in the daylight, but it’s totallllllyy different at 2am.

The Diner (2453 18 St NW)

It is exactly what you’re thinking it is. Drunk you will thank sober you for deciding to go here. If you can’t make it out after last call, check this place out in the morning for brunch. The menu is heavenly.

Keep an eye out for more Going Out Guides and let us know what neighborhood you’re dying to
see one for!

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