The Best Lips Products: Cheap and High-End

Guess whose back? That’s right! Best friend of the blog and beauty guru extraordinaire, Kelsey. Seriously…we are fairly inept when it comes to makeup so we are sooooo glad we have Kelsey as a resource. You can read her other posts here!

If you’re like me, a lip product is what ties everything together whether you’re going for a full-face glam or a no-makeup day. I always have something on my lips! Some people feel a bit lost when it comes to what exactly is best to put on their lips, so I hope my suggestions help! 


On a budget: NYX Butter Gloss. These adorable little $5 glosses are easy to pop in your purse and use on any occasion. They’re silky smooth and give a great shine. I have one in my purse at all times!
My favorite shade is “Creme Brulee.”
Splurge: Anastasia Beverly Hills. If you want the most EXTRA glossy shine you’ve ever seen, ABH will give it to you. At only $16, these glosses have the most opaque pigments with an ultra shine that isn’t super sticky.
My favorite shade is “Rio.”


On a budget: Maybelline. I am obsessed with Maybelline’s nude lipsticks. They have great opacity and texture, and you can’t go wrong with any shade at that price point! They also have several finishes, from a sparkly sheen to several mattes.
My favorite shade is “Nude Lust”.
Splurge: NARS or MAC. These are my go-to lipsticks when I want to make a statement, need a pop of color in an outfit, or am just feeling sassy. At $17.50, MAC is not suuuuper pricey, and has an unreal amount of shades. NARS tends to be more expensive ($20-30), but a good statement color is worth every penny! They are thick and creamy and make me feel like a BOSS.
My favorite shade is “Vera” or “Anita” (NARS).

Liquid Lipsticks:

On a budget: ColorPop or Morphe. The color payoff for the price of these liquid lipsticks is amazing! With or without a lip liner, these give a great matte finish with a dramatic look.
My favorite shade is “Morphe” (from Morphe).
Splurge: Dose of Colors. I cannot say enough how much I LOVE this formula! It dries quickly with a beautiful matte finish, but doesn’t leave your lips feeling crusty and dry! It also lasts all day. To use it I first put on a THIN layer of lip balm (I use eos but any will work) and then apply one layer and that’s all I need! 
My favorite shade is “Stone.”

Lip Liners:

On a budget: NYX Slim Lip Pencil. These are an extremely cheap dupe for a lot of the Mac lip liners.
My favorite shade is “Mauve.”
Splurge: MAC. These are the ultimate go to for most beauty gurus. You just can’t go wrong! But they are a bit pricey, so I’d grab one or two colors that you use the most (I’d recommend a good nude).
My favorite shade is “Soar” and “Whirl.”

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