Whats In My Bag: Fall Edition

It’s officially Fall, Y’all! That means it’s totally acceptable to wear tall boots, sip ultra-seasonal latte flavors, and take a million Instas of the gorgeous changing leaves. It also means that the weather is going to fluctuate drastically and you’ve got to be prepared while looking cute and packing light. Here are the essentials that I’m keeping in my bag this fall.


UNIQLO Ultra Light Down Jacket

If you don’t know what UNIQLO is, prepare to have your life changed. It’s a Japanese brand that focuses on making fashionable yet minimalist products that are high quality and built to last. I fell in love with the brand while living in Japan and was absolutely thrilled when I found it out it was coming to the states. A mini store just opened up in downtown DC!

This time of year, I don’t even consider leaving the house without my Uniqlo Ultralight Down jacket. The jacket rolls up into a super small zip pouch but will keep you seriously warm when the weather gets cooler. It comes in a ton of cute colors and it’s easy to dress up or down. I cannot begin to explain how perfect it is for fall those fall days where you’re absolutely freezing in the morning but sweating like a marathon runner by mid-day.

Rosebud Perfume Co. Salve

This product does double duty this time of year. The salve is small but is super perfumed and is great to keeping lips, knuckles, elbows, and any dry spots hydrated. No one like dry cracked skin and this stuff saves me year after year.

Body Wipes

Okay, this one is a little odd but hear me out. This time of year is beyond weird in terms of weather fluctuation and, as mentioned before, it can be freezing in the morning and feel like mid-summer by the afternoon. Pack a few body wipes in your bag to keep your feeling *and smelling* cool and comfortable.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are my favorite hack this time of year. Not only do they keep your bag smelling great, but they’re perfect for getting rid of frizzy hair. Run a sheet through your pony tail to minimize the static. Bonus: A used dryer sheet can save your day when you get deodorant on your clothes. A used sheet has enough texture to be rub off the waxiness without piling your fabric.


I mean, duh. I always opt for a fun bright vegan leather (who am I kidding, pleather) with tech-friendly fingers.

 Square Scarf

One of my favorite fall/winter accessories is the square scarf—yes, literally a giant scarf in the shape of the square. This one from UNIQLO is a personal favorite. It’s super versatile and can play many roles: A wrap sweater when you don’t have quite enough layers, a lap blanket for when the office is super cold, a ultra-cozy scarf when your running errands on a windy day, or your best busy on long car/train trips or flights!

Red Lip

This time of year can be mean to your complexion and leave you looking well…pale (or in my case, basically translucent.) Find a light matte lip that can you can use to give your lips AND cheeks some color. ​

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