Our Carry On Essentials

A while back, Shannon wrote a post on how to survive your next long haul flight in preparation for her flight to Jakarta. Well guys, we’re back in action with some travel and we thought it would be the perfect time to share our must have carry ons for flying. The list has definitely evolved over time, with lots of trial and error. No matter how long we’ll be on the plane, we make sure to always come prepared. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!


Let’s start simple…this is a no brainer, right? Whether it’s for watching movies, doing homework, or blogging, we almost never make it without our laptops. We’re millennials…so this is expected. We don’t like being without our tech.


Depending on the length of our trip, we’ll pack a book or an e-reader. We’re both big fans of reading real, paper books so when we can get away with tossing one or two in our carry on, we will. We’re also huge suckers for airport bookstores so even if we pack an e-reader, inevitably a paper book ends up in our bag.

Scarf/Light Jacket & Fuzzy Socks

If you’ve ever been on a plane you know just how cold they can get. This is super easy for us to forget in the warmer months. You’re sweating outside so why would you even think to grab a jacket? Do it. Your shorts and tank top will very quickly let you down once that airplane door closes. If you forget one, you better hope that a Uniqlo vending machine has made its home in your airport.

Ditto to the fuzzy socks because if you’re wearing flip flops or any shoe without socks, your feet will be the first thing to get cold. We don’t know about you guys, but if our feet are cold, our entire body is cold.

Extra Underwear

Because you never really know do you…

Face Mist & Wipes

The air in planes is incredibly drying and you know those seats are covered in other people’s hair and face oils. Bring some face mist (this Evian brand saved Shannon on her flights this summer). You’ll feel incredibly bougie, even if you’re flying coach. Some how it makes your flights less horrible…maybe borderline spa-like. Bonus points if your face mist doesn’t ruin any makeup you might have on!

We constantly travel with at least two packs of these Simple face wipes, because there is something so refreshing about wiping your face with a cool towel. For shorter flights, we will head to the bathroom immediately before landing or right after exiting the plane and use a wipe to clean our faces and prepare for the next step in our journey. On long flights, we’ll use these multiple times (depending on the length of the trip) to make sure we don’t go crazy feeling dirty.


Have we mentioned the air is drying? It is. Don’t let your skin suffer!


Clearly we have a ‘need to feel clean’ problem. Don’t the airplane air and sweat stick to you. Use a face wipe and renew your deodorant. Also is it worth mentioning that you should always put this on before you fly too? Because sitting next to a smelly person for any length of time isn’t fun.


Seriously guys…if you plan on sleeping at all, bring a toothbrush so you can rinse your mouth with some minty-freshness before hopping off the plane! This also might be one of the key things to cleanliness on longer flights. We can’t be the only ones who feel dirty when their breath smells, can we?


Chalking this up to: you truly never know where you’ll be headed and who you’ll see. Having a touch of mascara gives you a quick, easy put together travel look that you’ll feel great about. Minimal effort but you will still look great.

Empty Water Bottle

Plastic or otherwise, you know airports jack up the price of everything they sell. Save yourself some money by bringing a plastic water bottle that you can fill up after security. We’ve found if you’re nice to the flight attendants on longer flights, they’ll often let you fill up your bottle mid-flight too.


If you think water is expensive at airports, let’s not even begin to talk about the food. Sometimes you can only pack so many snacks before you need to spend money on a real meal (especially if there are unforeseen delays). However, you can try and mitigate those costs as much as possible if you come prepared with snacks. Protein bars (or protein cookies, hellooooo Lenny & Larry! <– click that for 20% off or use code BA86155!), veggies and hummus, apples, nuts…honestly pretty much any food will get through security. Shannon’s grandparents always fly with PB & J sandwiches!

That’s all we’ve got for now! We’re heading off to Portland, OR for the weekend to do some major wedding preparations! Follow along with us on our instagram stories!



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