You, Me & DC Book Club: August Edition

August was a bit slower of a month for us but still…many great reads! Let us know what you picked up, what you put down and what you can’t wait to get your hands on!

The Language of Food

From menu prices to hipster foodie trends, hidden linguistic tricks play a role in almost everything we eat. Oddly enough, this was a book that had my laughing out loud on the Metro because there were so many snarky “a-ha” moments about food trends. Did you know we “toast” to people at fancy events because centuries ago fancy drinks came with a piece of baked bread? Or that ketchup is actually a Chinese word that means “tomato sauce”? Can’t wait to be the annoying know-it-all at the next big friends dinner!

The Nightingale

This book has been on my ‘to read’ list for months. Just sitting on my coffee table, staring me in the face. I finally decided to pick it up as my first real book since before I left for Indonesia. It’s about two sisters in WWII who live in Nazi-Occupied France. One sister lives in the French countryside and has to deal with German soldiers living in her home while her husband is away fighting. The other sister decides to join the resistance and helps spread anti-Nazi news. She ultimately becomes the biggest badass of the story and becomes known as “The Nightingale”. If I tell you more I’ll give it all away, but trust me…this book is worth your time. I read it in 6 hours!!

All the Missing Girls

If you liked Girl on the Train, chances are this book will be perfect for you. The story itself is about the disappearance of two girls, ten years apart. A basic whodunit.  But the catch is that it is told in reverse. You know the end, but you don’t know how the characters got there. I thought I wouldn’t like that, but you learn details that make you think one thing until you realize much later that actually it was something else. There were so many twists and turnsIt was truthfully hard to put this down.

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