Chasing Away the Sunday Scaries

We all know the feeling. Around 4 or 5 o’clock on Sunday night, it hits you: Monday is tomorrow, you’re whole weekend has come and gone, and you’re just not ready to take on the world. That feeling of dread can tarnish all those amazing weekend memories and can completely stress you out.

The last few weeks, the Sunday Scaries have been too real for us. Shannon’s grad classes are starting up again and work is starting to pick up again in my world. We’re trying our best to cling on to the summer but we’re like that kid in daycare who refuses to let go!

Welcome to adulthood, I guess. Here’s how we’re getting by:

Celebrate Monday

Yikes, that felt gross to write. But! Think about it, if you plan fun things on Monday, it gives you something to look forward to! It can be something as simple as grabbing coffee with a friend, catching up over Happy Hour, or scheduling a post-work manicure. Do something that makes you happy and also makes the transition into the week a little smoother.

The Sunday Scaries End on Thursday

Avoiding the Sunday Scaries starts on Thursday afternoon. Not even kidding, I have a calendar alert set for 2:30 p.m. on Thursday to do a mental audit of the work I’ve done–and need to get done–to make the next week successful. This gives me plenty of time to tie up some loose ends on Friday and set myself up for a smooth Monday morning. I make sure I’m prepared for my Monday meeting, schedule out my tasks, and ensure team members have what they need from me before we close up shop.

Boozy Brunch is Great, But Clean Clothes are Better

Let me back up. We’re still doing brunch. But! On Friday night/Saturday morning, assess what you need to do in terms of housekeeping. Toss a load of laundry in before you go out so you can just switch it over when you get home. You don’t need to skip out on plans as long as you think ahead to working those chores into your schedule.

Make an Appointment to Chillllllll

It can be anything from a manicure to a walk to reading, just make sure you carve out a chunk of time that’s just for you on Sunday night. I often feel so overwhelmed because I’ve packed my weekend with other people. While I love my friends, I realize I end up giving myself little-to-no time to just sit and think about about what I want to achieve this week/month/year. Give yourself a little break from everyone else and recenter yourself.

Be Real About your Stress

Get down to the nitty gritty and figure out what is REAAAAALLY the thing stressing you out. Trust me, no one wants to do it but addressing your anxieties about the week ahead can seriously change your outlook. More often than not, I’m stressed about having everything ready to go for an early morning meeting but I’ve never been unprepared — but yet every Sunday I stress myself out about it. For me, it’s about taking a step back, thinking about the realistic outcomes of your fears and assessing if your stress is unfounded or not. Mind over matter!

Chase those Zzzzzs

I mean duh, this seems obvious. But think about it, over the weekend we completely throw our bodies off our sleep cycle! We get used to staying up late and sleep in so do yourself a favor and start the wind-down process a little earlier than usual. For me that means getting ready for bed an hour earlier and doing anything I can to make myself extra cozy (and drowsy, hello boring book) before bed.

Have any tips to making your weekend last a little longer? Share in the comments below!


18 thoughts on “Chasing Away the Sunday Scaries”

  • I love Mondays. But I don’t work a traditional job, so for me it’s exciting and thrilling to go to work. I feel like you attitude and planning makes a huge difference in how your Mondays go. Sleeping in a regular schedule even on the weekends also makes a HUGE difference!

  • I love to get extra zzzs but when I do, something else goes. So I have learned to get to bed at a reasonable time (even on the weekends) so I can fit in everything I want to do. Nothing in excess, everything in moderation!

  • I do dread Mondays. Not as much during the summer when my kids are all home and we are little more laid back with our schedules but man come next week when they go back, it will once again be my worst day of the week. I need to find a way to love Mondays again and this list sounds great!

  • I’m probably one of the few people who don’t really mind Mondays. For me it feels more like a new start each week rather than something to dread.

  • I try to do all my cleaning on Saturdays and I try to relax on Sunday nights. I love going out to brunch but my goal is always to be home relaxing by 6pm on Sundays with my computer off and my phone away. Sometimes it helps, sometimes I still dread Mondays.

  • I also feel this way sometimes on Sundays. I need to take some of this advice and schedule things out on Thursday so I can make sure I have things in order.

  • I couldn’t agree more with this list. I always try and schedule in some relaxation and fun in my weekend. It helps to get me ready for the week. I really love the idea of getting mentally prepared for the next week on Thursday.

  • These are really great tips! As a teacher, I’ve had nearly 2 months off school, so definitely haven’t had the Sunday scaries for a while. But as I head back to school next week, I am a little nervous. I’ll be sure to try many of these tips out and hope it’s not as scary as it seems!

  • i just went back to work after the summer off, so Scary Sundays are so real right now. I love the idea of planning something fun for Monday afternoons, so you have something to look forward to!

  • A way to make a weekend last long is to relax. I feel that when we spend all weekend running errands it goes by so quick you never really enjoyed it. Maybe have half of Saturday for errand running and enjoy the rest of the day and Sunday relaxing.

  • With a two year old and eight year old daughters at home, everyday sadly just runs into the other. Weekends don’t mean much more than every other day. With that being said though, we also have tons of fun things planned both weekend days. Having a day at home always seems to make the weekend last longer because it’s not so rushed running around!

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