Six Essential Products That Kept Me Cool This Summer

We’ve all had those days where you leave your house looking like a million bucks but by the time you get to the office you look like you ran a marathon in the middle of a tropical storm because you are just. that. sweaty. If you were in DC this summer, you know it was a hot one. While fall is just around the corner, we know the District is still going to sneak in a couple more scorching hot days. Thankfully my bag was (and still is) locked and loaded with some awesome products that kept me cool.


Mario Badescu Rosewater Mist

Cooling facial sprays are a staple among Korean beauty trends and have gained a ton of popularity in the last few years. While this isn’t a Korean brand, it holds it’s own (though admittedly less cute packaging.) This mist is perfect for those hot days where you’re dying but don’t want to lose that perfectly patted foundation. This mist is superfine, doesn’t make your makeup run, and has the best smell, hands down.

Hydration Powder

I’m prone to dehydration so these single-serve packets were essential. Drip Drop is essentially Gatorades more mature older brother. Packed with a ton of electrolytes this stuff will have you feeling better in no time. Also great at getting rid of a hangover, not that we’ve ever had too much rose, nope, definitely not us.


Thigh chafing is no joke and in the summer when my legs swell, cute breezy dresses turn into my arch nemesis. I’ve tried so many body sticks, creams, and powders but nothing works as well as these bad boys. Basically, just the legs of your trusty spandex/bike shorts but much much cuter. I have bought tan and black lace to mix things up and haven’t looked back since. I can confidently say this is the best purchase I’ve made in the last year and I just bought a ninja blender.

Mini Perfume

Thank you, Sephora Gods, for all the freebies. Whenever I get those cute little perfume samples, I pop one in my bag for emergency situations. Date night is still a go!

Murad MattEffect

Admittedly I was super skeptical of this product when I first heard about it but it didn’t take much for a Sephora make up artists convinced me it was essential. It seems a little counterintuitive that a moist product would remove oil but keep your makeup fully intact but this stuff was a game changer. So long greasy forehead!

Dry Shampoo

I always keep a travel-sized version of dry shampoo in my bag for emergency situations. I have oily hair AND when i get nervous I run my fingers through my hair. On particularly stressful days, I look like I just swam laps by lunchtime. I spray this stuff through my hair, let it sit for a minute or two then brush through with clean fingers.

What products did you trust with your life this summer? Let us know how you beat the heat in the comments below!




16 thoughts on “Six Essential Products That Kept Me Cool This Summer”

  • i have been all about the ‘mist’ this summer!! Good lord, summers at certain ages (ahem.. be warned ladies!!) can be brutal . keeping a nice lightly scented mist nearby has been a life saver.

  • Dry shampoo is pretty much the greatest invention ever, isn’t it? I use it all the time when I travel. I love it.

  • It’s so great to see that I’m not the only one suffering over here! When it gets hot, I need something to keep me cool. My hormones changed after having kids.

  • I haven’t had much of a cooling routine this summer. I left off the makeup and put my hair in a ponytail just about every day. However, the Rosewater Mist and hydration powder sounds like something I should be doing.

  • I’ve never used dry shampoo before! It’s definitely something that I’d like to try. These are awesome for the summer, the mist will keep your skin hydrated as well as the powder!

  • I’m definitely going to check out those bandelettes. I’ve often thought about creating something like this because wearing spanx in the summer is so uncomfortable. Thanks for the tip.

  • It might sound home, but I just discovered using peppermint oil (1-2 drops) mixed with a carrier oil on the bottom of my feet really he’s cool things down.

  • I am interested in this hydration powder. Sounds really interesting. All of this does, I will have to check them all out!

  • These are some great options and something I have been struggling with this summer! I have face spritzer at the moment which seems to be working and the instant cool down.

  • I love my mini perfumes. They are perfect for on the go and the need to feel refreshed when you are away from home. And you are right, dry shampoo is a must to keep hair fresh and blowouts looking awesome!

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