Picking your next planner

It’s August! Can you believe we made it? As most know, with August comes back to school for students across the country. It also means that the real adults (like Carrie) will face a likely increase in the amount of work they have to do. So long summer Fridays, right? Basically…everyone is about to get really busy. The perfect solution to the beginning of the busy season is simple: a brand new planner. 

Need help picking one out? I’ve listed four brands below with a general review to give you a place to jump off from!

Lilly Pulitzer – $30

Say hello to the planner I carried all four years of college. I had the large size (not jumbo) version and absolutely loved it. This is the planner I have rebought the highest number of times so…clearly that says something. The pages are bright and colorful. There is plenty of space to write during the week- Monday-Wednesday on the left page and Thursday-Sunday on the right page. Each month has a full calendar view with boxes big enough to write things in (very important). It works best for a student. There isn’t extra space for notes or additional to dos which I have found extremely important since graduating.

Day Designer- $59.99

I tried a Day Designer after being told that they sell copies that are dubbed “flawed” for like 40% off. I absolutely love the look of these planners and they routinely come out with beautiful prints every year. The biggest difference with these planners is they are arranged hourly. So one page will be one day and it has the day broken out hour by hour. It also has a dedicated column for to dos, a notes section, a daily ‘top three’ and other smaller boxes. It turned out not to work for me. I couldn’t get on board with the hourly breakdown. You can get a weekly one instead of daily that has less space…but is still hourly.

Inkwell Press- $54

When I found Inkwell Press, I was all giddy. I set an alarm for their next release so I wouldn’t miss it. I even left a meeting to “go to the bathroom” to buy one so they wouldn’t sell out. They have vertical and horizontal arrangements, space for notes (just not a lot of space) and monthly ‘mission boards’ to help you plan out your month. I really though I liked it, but didn’t feel like I was making much use of it. Once you purchase a planner, you also get monthly emails with new downloads that you can use on your phone, computer and tablet. It’s the ultimate organizational package and I really wish it had clicked with me more.

Moleskine- $22.95

I truly saved the best for last. Unlike any of the other planners, Moleskine planners are simple. No bright colors, no doodles on the side. Just simple, clean design. I discovered their weekly planner and it was exactly what I was looking for. On the left page, the week is broken out day by day. On the right page, you have a notebook page that is perfect for to dos, notes and anything else you feel like you need to write. It comes with a little pocket in the back and I just love it so much.My only issue with this planner is that before the start of each month, there is no divider with the month itself. You have to flip back towards the front of the planner to see the entire month. After years of trying pretty expensive planners, turns out my favorite one is only 23 dollars. Who would have guessed?

All paper planners aside, I would be a fool to discount the pros of Google Calendar. If you don’t need the satisfaction of physically writing things down, go with the Google Calendar. It will sync to anything you want it to. You can make different ‘calendars’ for each aspect of your life (work, school, volunteer, etc…) and color code them. Truthfully, I use this too and have it synced to my MacBook iCal app. It is always open on my desktop and I use it for longer term planning.

I haven’t used the Moleskine for school yet, so we’ll see if I still love it as much as I do now once things get going again. If you’ve got another suggestion, let me know! I am very much in the mindset that a girl can never have too many planners…right? 😉

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