Brunch Review: Le Diplomate

A few weeks ago, I went to a meet up hosted by the lovely Aysia Woods at Le Diplomate. You’ve definitely heard of this place if you’ve spent more than a little time in DC. It’s a cutesy, French bistro not far from the U Street metro. This was my first time and I was super excited to finally try it.

Le Diplomate Brunch

It opens at 9:30 but I get the impression that you should have a reservation no matter what time you come. It seemed to fill up pretty quickly, especially if it is nice outside. The patio is adorable and does feel quite Parisian. The ambiance is really on point.

The menu isn’t the largest with regard to brunch, but it is a complete menu. That being said, if you’re feeling a burger instead of some flapjacks, you can do that. Step one- don’t even look at the menu and order a mimosa. It was easily one of the best mimosas I have ever had and had a great OJ to Champagne ratio.

Once you’ve happily ordered your drink, order the breakfast pastries. With a large group, this is a bit hard because you only really get one of each, but maybe your group is good at sharing. It comes with an assortment of the pastries they have that day. You’ll likely get a chocolate croissant, a butter croissant, a danish or two and maybe a muffin. It’s not a huge basket but it’s definitely shareable.

I opted for a sweet menu item and went with the French Toast with strawberries and chantilly cream. Even though it’s been while, the jury is still out on how I felt about it. It came with cilantro flakes on it. You might be thinking, “that’s weird” or “meh whatever it’s just cilantro”. I was a weird combination of the two and just decided to pick it off. It was a strong enough taste to give my taste buds a confusing couple minutes.

Final Thoughts?

I think I might have overhyped it in my head because I am a bit disappointed. I don’t know that I would go back for brunch (especially when there are so many other great options in the city) but I definitely will be back to try their burgers. How many pictures do I need to see on Instagram before I hop on the metro and get over there? It looks absolutely amazing. I’ll let you be the judge of Le Diplomate. It has a great reputation for having an awesome brunch so maybe I’m the flaw here.


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